Puppy Yoga

Puppy Yoga

On Tuesday K sent me a text asking if I wanted to go to puppy yoga. She said, “it’s 45 minutes away but I think it will be worth it.” I had had an emotional few days and had done a lot of driving, so I was exhausted and really didn’t feel like doing anything except curl up in bed, but I got the feeling I should still say yes. K drove, we got there and settled onto our mats and after about ten minutes a man walked in with the sweetest little lab puppy. Two more puppies followed, and I thought, wow, three puppies, this is going to be awesome! Before I knew it, the room seemed filled with puppies. I think there were around ten, total. We all got to spend some time just cuddling and playing with the puppies. Their breeders had brought them in and all were sold except for one. They came equipped with paper towels and disinfectant spray for the puppy messes. It was incredible. While we got a few poses in, we didn’t end up doing a lot of yoga because the puppies would crawl underneath you and want to cuddle or play, but my heart felt so happy and I left with my mood completely turned around from the experience. If you ever get the chance to do puppy yoga, I strongly recommend it!

Puppy Yoga


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