Puppy Yoga

On Tuesday K sent me a text asking if I wanted to go to puppy yoga. She said, “it’s 45 minutes away but I think it will be worth it.” I had had an emotional few days and had done a lot of driving, so I was exhausted and really didn’t feel like doing anything except curl up in bed, but I got the feeling I should still say yes. K drove, we got there and settled onto our mats and after about ten minutes a man walked in with the sweetest little lab puppy. Two more puppies followed, and I thought, wow, three puppies, this is going to be awesome! Before I knew it, the room seemed filled with puppies. I think there were around ten, total. We all got to spend some time just cuddling and playing with the puppies. Their breeders had brought them in and all were sold except for one. They came equipped with paper towels and disinfectant spray for the puppy messes. It was incredible. While we got a few poses in, we didn’t end up doing a lot of yoga because the puppies would crawl underneath you and want to cuddle or play, but my heart felt so happy and I left with my mood completely turned around from the experience. If you ever get the chance to do puppy yoga, I strongly recommend it!

Puppy Yoga


A Lesson in Compassion

A couple of weeks ago I was on training for a computer program at work for three days. I sat beside a woman who needed a lot of help with learning the program, and every time she wanted to ask me a question, she would say “sorry to bother you, but…” At the end of the second day, I had started to get annoyed by it. I complained to my boyfriend and my coworkers about the woman saying: “if she knows she’s bothering me, why does she keep doing it.” When I got to class on the third day she handed me a Tim Hortons gift card and said “this is for helping me so much this week, I really appreciate it.” I felt like such a jerk. She then went on to tell me how she has been struggling with physical and mental illnesses lately, and how she was having a very hard time learning the new computer program during this training. I was reminded in this instance that you really never know what someone is going through and how important it is to be kind to everyone.

Read: Lullabies For Little Criminals

When I worked at Indigo I heard a lot about Heather O’Neill- a Canadian author who so many of my coworkers loved. Never having read any of her books, I came across Lullabies For Little Criminals at a thrift store and thought I would give it a try. I did not regret it. A beautifully written book on the life of a girl growing up in the streets of Montreal more or less on her own. Told through the innocent eyes of Baby, 12, who doesn’t know any other life so she doesn’t know to be sad about her. I highly recommend it.lullabies for little criminals

Lipstick Swatch Mishap

Yesterday I had swatched a bunch of lipsticks on my hand at Shoppers Drug Mart and tried the one I liked the most on my lips. The beauty boutique lady came over and started talking to me about the lipsticks and then she handed me a wipe. I thought, that’s so weird, why does she want me to wipe the lipstick off my lips? I thought, I must have applied it really poorly or something. So I wiped it off my lips after a few moments, and she looked at me a bit funny, but carried on talking to me. I get home and I’m going to wash the lipstick off my hand so I don’t get it anywhere- OHHHHHH she actually gave me the wipe to wipe my hand so I wouldn’t get lipstick all over… #maybejustahatrack

Lipstick Swatches

Book Deals at the Market

My mom and I went to the market on the weekend and I picked out thirteen books that I wanted.
Me to the volunteer at the market: Sorry to interrupt, how much are the books?
Volunteer: Well it depends on the book. Which book do you want?
Me, taking him over to my pile: These books.
Volunteer: You want ALL those books? We love young people who read. Make me an offer.
Me: Um… $20?
Mom and volunteer simultaneously: $20?!?!
Volunteer: How about $5?