Lipstick Swatch Mishap

Yesterday I had swatched a bunch of lipsticks on my hand at Shoppers Drug Mart and tried the one I liked the most on my lips. The beauty boutique lady came over and started talking to me about the lipsticks and then she handed me a wipe. I thought, that’s so weird, why does she want me to wipe the lipstick off my lips? I thought, I must have applied it really poorly or something. So I wiped it off my lips after a few moments, and she looked at me a bit funny, but carried on talking to me. I get home and I’m going to wash the lipstick off my hand so I don’t get it anywhere- OHHHHHH she actually gave me the wipe to wipe my hand so I wouldn’t get lipstick all over… #maybejustahatrack

Lipstick Swatches